Destiny (Anti-Bullying) #fantofollower

Tue, 04/21/2015 - 01:00 -- Cam_CLD

With my, life on bypass, I drive by my life's past,
Little autistic kid, a little different from the same cast,

But as the time pass, feeling like I didnt get it, not the same, but I admit it hurt I couldnt  fit,
black kids, saying that I wasnt really black enough, everybody else had an opinion that I wasnt tough,
The band geeks even got me, stuffed me in a locker, 
Put in the trash by the football team, yeah, what a shocker,
I even tried to date the pretty girls, it didnt happen, no j's and fitted caps, the money wasn't really stacking,

I learned love, but I was too young to comprehend, poems to these girls, made em feel like I was creeping in,

I kept it to myself, my world was just alone with me, i couldnt be nobody else, i really couldnt see,

The pain of growing up without the right direction, from a kid who lacked the common grounds and had to have his own Perception
And Just When I thought I was broken, to the

World that I lost all my hope in,
I found no greater love, the God above, when I was Broken,
And these tears, I was already soaked in, when God said I was His token,
I was growing, but  where  was i really going?

What's my, 
destiny, if I'm going for the prize?
If I'm really tryna win, tell me where I put my eyes, cause,Its my life, and I didnt pay for it,Someone tell me where to go, so I can go and pray for it...

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My community
My country
Our world


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