The Divided States Of America

Thu, 04/13/2017 - 16:38 -- AndresA

The Divided States Of America

Freedom of speech not many other countries teach,
I'm thankful for that right that every American has,
No matter what race or sex even American past,
We all have the same rights to make America last,

I look upon our world today and remember,
I use to think minorities were racially charged by whites,
Till I noticed that minorities were shaming whites for missing rights,
These days whites seem to be the target for racism because of delusions,
That all whites are racist and this white privilege with arguments that have no solutions,
Calling each other racist back and forth is pollution,
Racial tension has been rumbling through the cave,
Black lives matter went tumbling to fast to save,
Black lives matter is a failed movement with no leader, no clear way of change,
Black lives matter riots have Martin Luther King J.R rolling in his grave,
Obama realized they're failure and called them a vessel without a destination,
The shooting in Dallas was malice violence is not the key for this generation,
Some act like there's still plantations and segregation,
Police shootings get blown out of the waters,
Rest in peace sisters, brothers, mothers or fathers,
Not gonna say that a police never get out line with their gun,
But if any race that is armed doesn't do what the cops say, they're done,
If that man was white who was shot nobody would care,
If that was man was black I'll see fires everywhere seem fair?,
I agree that police can be more cautious if you got skin color,
It's proven if the police is a minority they're more likely to be violent with another,
Minorities have the same chances for college,
Why make yourselves look like you're at the bottom,
Black lives matter has an agenda but the protests lead to nowhere but problems,
I haven't forgotten the KKK and Neo Nazi's but those groups have fallen like leaves In autumn,
Corruption is still a thing I know it'll still be there like a crow,
Looking us in the eye waiting for us to die,

I look upon the world and it's not fair,
People see the truth but turn away because they cannot bare,
Stuck in their own realities thoughts of leaving it they wouldn't dare,
I'm not on a side with my mixed blood of Mexican white and black had to share,
Racism won't go away I know this dearly,
I wrote this hoping some might hear me,
Maybe I truly can't see this world clearly,
Right and wrong is blurred,
My choice to ride along and then burn,
I love people who love people,
I have a dream that they'll see were equal,

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