I Am...


United States
38° 25' 27.8472" N, 121° 19' 52.6368" W

I am black, white, yellow, and brown.
I am tall, skinny, short, and round.
I am a follower of one god and many,
I am an atheist from the 21st century.
I am from Antarctica, Australia, Eurasia, North America, South America, and Africa.
I am an alien from one of Saturn’s moons, Rhea.
I am able to speak a million languages,
I am a victim of multiple disadvantages.
I am brown-eyed, blue-eyed, green-eyed, black-eyed, and grey-eyed.
I am incapable of vision and yet I have pride.
I am continuously called names by the envious and ignorant.
I am harassed only because I am different.
I am human being as you are, too.
We are not very different, me and you.
If only you had given me a chance,
I would not be here planning my own death dance.



Bullying has been a problem many have had to face from one generation to the next. In elementary school, I befriended a girl (whose name I wish not to disclose) that was continuously bullied due to her weight. Although witnessing the way people treated her happened seven years ago, I wake up every morning thinking about how she may be doing and how bad I felt that I couldn’t do much to help her. The elementary children would throw worms at her during the rainy season and she would try to use her black slimy umbrella as a temporary shield for her body. Tears would roll down her freckles and she would run to the restroom during lunch crying the whole time. I have created this poem for her, as well as everyone else who gets bullied.

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