The grass holds the history of days past
The sky paints an ever changing picture of life 
The sea brings life of all kinds into view 
Nature teaches me about myself.
Trees conduct as winds whip along their every long course 
Clouds write the sheet music that only spirits can read
Waves produce the voice and give thunder to the music 
Nature is my muse. 
No one understands me like the earth does 
It made me who I am
Who am I not to protect it? 
Nature makes me think. 
How is one suppose to protect something so vast? 
So misunderstood? 
So taken for granted? 
Nature makes me understand.
My goal in life, is to save life
Give my everything and expect nothing in return 
Learn, experiment, create for a better tomorrow 
Nature makes me believe. 
If such a small seed can become a mighty oak 
Who is to say that one person cannot change the world? 
Nature makes me tick. 


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