The Search for You

Dear Future Love,

I haven't found you yet, but I know you'll be my dove. Please don't fret, I am searching back and forth through my mind and soul, finding the place for you. I don't know where you'll go. You're in my mind. You're in my heart. I hope you never leave me. Let us never be apart. I love you so much. You mean a lot to me. You are the such piece that completes me. A challenging puzzle I was. Not every part was there, yet you love me just because. You will always care. You were always the missing quare. I need you baby and you need me. Maybe, just maybe, you are the only one for me. I took your hand and you took mine. Together we ran to find peace in mind. My peace was here all along. My peace is you. My heart belongs only to you.


Your Future Love


I see it clearly for we are doves.

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