Circle of Destruction

Tue, 05/09/2017 - 21:41 -- cea888

Another gust of wind arises, awakening the silent world.


The trees talk with their rustling ferns communicating with an unknown code.


They speak of fear and plead and pray.


“Please oh please let us be, do not take the lives of we.


Do not kill us with a claw. Do not cut us with a saw.”


They chant these words as loud as they can. Yet the crashes beside them do not amend.


Boom! Another goes down as the ax men whistle their tune.


They cannot hear the words of the many. And if they did they would not understand.


The wind dies down and the trees are made silent.


They wait in agony like an innocent man about to be executed.


Unknown to the ax men the trees are not the only ones harmed.


A small squirrel scampers upon her beloved branches.


This tree is her home which she shares among many.


She scurries across a branch in hope to escape the inevitable crash.


Her family is not far behind but her children stumble along the way.


Once realizing the trouble, she is off to the rescue but is not quick enough.


Crash! The tree is down and the men take it away.


They leave behind only the guts and blood of the innocent.


The animals and plants wonder how they could stop the ruin of their homes and neighbors.


But soon they see there is no end of the destruction and killing caused by men.


They wonder if it’s only them but soon see that men kill men.


They realize humans treat themselves the same way that they treat them.


They kill the ones who have done no wrong to take things that do not belong.


A circle of destruction is what we have so what can be done to stop the bad?


Peace can be achieved only when men no longer kill men,


And when the earth can live and thrive in harmony again.

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Our world


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