They say knowledge is power


Education will cure the cause of hate.

Everyone should try to inform the rest.

We can try to erase ignorance from the worlds full slate.

Then we can really address the real cause of this mess.


Knowledge is power,

we can choose the right path.

The first step is to ignite the firework to success,

and truly take a step from the past


It takes many to make bad decisions for this world,

but truly only one to make major change.

Rosa Parks, and Martin Luther King Jr to name a few changed the world

by fighting for what they feel is right, and freeing others from their same cage.

By their example,

we can finally take charge of our fight to change the world once again,

and of course it'll be a struggle,

but with something as simple as education for everyone,

we can help the world over this huddle.





I really liked the line "The first step is to ignite the firework to success". That is how I see power, knowledge, and determination: a large firework igniting away into the sky of opportunity.

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