Your Rhythms Keep Me Going

What would this life be without you?

Without your sweet melodies

And your soft symphonies?


What would I turn to

When I can’t focus

Or when I am feeling discouraged?


Your rhythms bring me joy

And I could never get tired of them.

Because without them,

I feel lost.


When I’m going in the wrong direction,

I feel as if your rhythms put me on the right track.


When I’m feeling too emotional,

I feel as if your rhythms keep me calm.


Because we’ve been through so much,

I feel as if your rhythms are a part of who I am.


You see, music?

We’ve been together a long time.

I know you all too well.


From listening to you,

To playing your instruments,

Even to singing your beautiful songs.

You have to understand,

I cannot live without you.


It’s to the point where

I make sure you are a part of my day


Some way, somehow


Your rhythms keep me going,

Going to the place of pure happiness. 

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