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United States

"The horror, the horror!"
They cry; yet what does it matter?
They hide their faces even as the world

"Never again!"
Pompous pale-brained politicians promise,
But it does: Sudan, China, Chechnya - how many
More must suffer?

The Holocaust: How do we not hear
The cries for mercy, see the lives
Spilled out, broken, hundreds of thousands
Dying at Hate's hand?

Fires consuming innocents,
The stench of death, the stain of blood;
Yet the oppressors stare ahead, stone cold,
Unfeeling. Uncaring. Inhuman.

Are we any better?
Do we even think about the millions
Who suffer, pleading, begging for help?
And there is no answer.

Do we run to the dying, hurting world
Extend the hand of brotherhood
And at least weep
With those who weep?

No, we sit and complain
Lifting our own petty cares
Above the massacre of millions who
Suffer - alone.

We distance ourselves
Mouthing mindless mantras and morals,
Yet caring only for self advancement and importance -
Ignoring the desperate, glaring need.

No more!
Cast off your comfortable blinders,
Cease to ignore the overwhelming
Waves of pain and anguish.

Look around at the world -
YOUR world - can you not
Give a word of hope?
Sacrifice a mouthful of bread?

It is our time - our world.
What will we do?
Ignore it, as many before us have done?

God forbid.
It is our world - our time.
To move.


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