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Four and a half years after you came into my life you are gone from it

One year of silent staring

Seven months of friendship

One year and four some odd months of dating

And the rest in between,


The rest is our ending and our new beginning


I let your fangs sink into my soul

Injecting a venom not easily removed

Between the Angel in you and the Devil you hid in me

I was lost and thought I had ben found

Instead I had found who you had wanted me to be


Somewhere between love and obsession we had something

Whether I was trying to please you 

Or whether you were ignoring me I, allowed myself to believe that you cared

That you loved me

All the while your poison sinking deeper


It's my fault for not seeing the beast beyond the boy

Because lets be honest

I thought I had seen the boy beyond the beast

Yet as your claws strike me

My heart ripped to shreds




I allowed you to continue on the Beastly path you chose


I had been blinded by what I had called love

I could not see what was becoming of me

Just like Eve I had been deceived by my own Snake


I had been cheated and broken

Nothing left except a shell


They say a star is formed by the collapse of a Nebula

I collapsed

Through loss of self worth I grew

My soul reformed

My spirit fought back

I found a real and honest love


I am my own star

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