An "ideal" society

Sun, 07/21/2013 - 01:39 -- Luis747


What is does it mean to have an ideal society?

To be free?

We may live in the land of the free but are we really free?

When a young girl has to change her appearance by drowning herself in makeup just to get the feeling of acceptance

When she has to go through the day being insulted because she is too fat or too skinny

After the struggles she already feels when she is at home

Parents fighting, taking it out in her

Helicopters flashing their lights over her home

 Police sirens flaring up and down the street 

All the cold, sleepless nights she has to battle through

Just so the only time she can be away from it all she has to fight through hell too?

Or the same goes for the little shy, weird boy who doesn't talk to anyone because of the fear of rejection

Is this the feeling of being free? 

If it is then I have lost all faith for humanity

Lost all faith for the sense of freedom

Lost all faith for the feeling of acceptance

Only in Utopia will everyone be beautiful and accepted

Once we reach Utopia, we will reach restoration in humanity


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