It's A War on War


You claim your ambitions, yet you sit back and wade

How can someone be so ignorant, is this why you're paid?

Our brothers have fallen, our sisters held hostage,

We didn't agree to this, I didn't sign a single roster.


I'm tired of this world burning, and its citizens so blind

To choose not to see, and yet you still whine.

I can't except this is our fate, not yet atleast

Until I've exhausted ALL options, to rest is for the weak.


I want the world to understand as I sure seem to,

A single person against all odds is worthy of represenation too.

War on foreign lands, and my friends fighting for a lost cause,

Does anyone know why we're really fighting at all?


A past set in stone, certain debts left unpaid

We promised an ally, yet coming a day too late.

Changing ourselves and leaving old stigmas behind,

No more killing is necessary, just simply rewind.


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