The Key to Happiness

The past twenty four hours I have been in a state of disbelief.

I missed a day of writting poetry and there is no source of relief.

A constant state of grief.

Now, this day that has been granted is now a day of redemption.

A day to take advantage of the chance to redeem.

The poems will flow onto this website in an ever so constant


I care less if people read them or not, I just indulge in poetry to

kill time and blow off steam.

Plus, caring about how many reads is reserved for the mainstream.

Poetry is best when it is written for one's own enlightenment,

In my opinon that is of course.

It does not have to be about you or anyone at all. 

The beauty of it is that it can come from nearly every source.

Nobody in this world can stop your imagination and what you mentally

craft with your mind.

If they tell you not to, leave their demands behind.

Empty your creative thoughts onto a medium and it is a tranquil

state of being that you will find.


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