Coffee Talk

Coffee Talk

you don't have to say you love me...
as a bug snuggled in a rug,
aroma...basking in the aroma
a time well spent in thought

put a pot on & wait
smell the variation of a dream people scream
a thought by which to ponder
a heavenly call up a yonder

let's talk about the days we used to share
thoughts of desire when we used to care
put a little Cremora in my cup
days we were lost in a purple haze

today we are just mice stuck in a maze
look outside at the trees & feel the breeze
this should knock you to your knees
we are all busy as a bee

Coffee can fill your heart with glee
a boyfriend with his girl hoping that she would marry thee
love is the essence of our meager existence
take me away to a land of make believe

Savor each taste filled with sullen brevity
this can set you free
the notion of a sip can lighten your wit
to treasure a red rose that was plucked a time before

Snap shot memories of your past
having so much fun with a hope that it would last
memories can set you free

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