Presence Presents

Tue, 08/13/2013 - 20:24 -- rzo92


charm eyed stare down
honey I see you shrinking
did you know drunk men
aren’t always drinking?

no more vigor today
they’ve caged the lion
and buzzed his mane
You’ve trapped the noun you cast around
within that phantoms’ mouth

brainwash backwash time untold
pretty princes pose now in place of paragons
while the tongue usurps your voice
reciting prehistoric roles

well embrace your whole, Mother of The World
men, admit your broken heads to the Soul

reframe the nameless truth we’ve stained
and unwind, the passage of time

and the tightening mind grip

oh what do we know?
under the influence of the ego?
oh what don’t we know?
in the presence of our own wise counsel?

stained glass eyes can only perceive
so who has faith in hues unseen?
humankind was born to bleed
should sanguine blues define misery?
restless minds will never be free
light hearted life, take leave of Darwin’s Tree

Presence Presents
premonition reminiscence
reminiscent premonitions
you’ll never get another like this


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