Firsts and lasts

The world anticipates the new year

to forget what has gone past

but in 2016 we had many firsts

and certainly many lasts


Now we came into the year expecting a fresh start

felt a wave of relief now that Iran was disarmed

The relief didn't last more than a mere second

as Zika came like a plague to teach us all a lesson


With the fear still about, more was struck in our hearts 

as Kim Jong decided to launch a grand space dart

On the ground new bridges had been made

as the pope and the patriarch ended a tirade


Yet more wars were fought as bombs were dropped 

ISIS claimed to the world that they couldn't be stopped

Away from our world another world was had in the stars

with ESA and Roscosmos headed for Mars


More ties were broken and a sleeping fight woken

when Armenian and Azerbaijani were breaking treaties spoken 

And more words were said and even more leaked

when the German newspapers found secrets and peeped


When that went down, so did a flight

we lost another 66 innocent that night

But with so many lost we found the Chadian President


And finally after many years counting

Gotthard Base Tunnel was now open and working

But now a system can't work, with a leaving party

Brexit lost the UK and they thought they were the smarty


While one other was gained by OECD

Lativa being the 35th to agree

Even more work was done in outer space

NASA had Juno orbit Jupiter like it's running a race


Races were ran and won down to take responsibility 

Rio was polluted, so really who won

When the olympians left so did a power

as the Brazilian presidency had turned sour


Then more stepped forth to take responsibility 

China and the US end pollutants with a treaty 

Once again when one is made it seems one is lost

North Korea launches nukes at no cost


So off went the nukes and so went the Maldives

with the Common Wealth of Nations they severed ties

More agreement was met at a summit

they had agreed on a Montreal amendment 


More peace is found in a government 

a deal in Columbia to end their conflict

While peace was made there, a tyrant took hold

as the US is stuck with the pig Donald


We got a new plague for the one we beat

Ebola is now a disease we can treat 

But wins are cut short along with lives

as the Tu-154 took its last dive


And with that the year was gone

so we turn away to look at a new dawn

Hoping that the new year will be pure

as getting through the last one was hard to endure


This poem is about: 
Our world


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