Is It Too Much To Ask? (Reaction To Vegas Shooting)



What has become of the world

a vortex of death and destruction.

Is it too much to ask

for people to respect others

to respect their decisions

to respect their religion

to respect their views

to respect their love?

Is it too much to ask

that we stop killing 

over trifle things,

over what we can not control?

Is it too much to ask 

to stop all wars

to stop all hate

to stop the battles of classes

to stop the violence?

Is it too much to ask

that we spread the love,

the we spread kindness,

that we spread compassion?


Can we all pray for the loss

the victims of mindless violence?

Can we all just unite?

Can we all get along more often

rather than when tragedy strikes?

Is it too much to ask that today

you take the time

and try to make someone's day

even with the smallest actions,

and create a chain reaction

of goodness in the world.

All so that we can have a peice of mind,

as we mourn,

and pray for all the lost.

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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