The Ship is Sinking

The ship is sinking.
There is a hole in the bottom of the stern.
The women scream and clutch their children with fright
While the men run around, struggling to maintain control.
The crew and passengers cram into the boats,
Those who stumble
Are crushed before the herd.
The main deck suddenly erupts in fire,
The bridge explodes into an enormous panorama of destruction.
I hear word of people down below
Of mothers drowning their kids
And young boys slitting their throats.
Young women throwing themselves at anything and everything
While the father in the corner
Slowly bashes his head into the wall.
I suddenly feel the ship start to tilt,
And I hear the screams of drowning rats.
With a giddy sense of joy I walk up to the railing and look over the side
Into the murky deep below.
I can picture all the fishes, the wondrous creatures,
And best of all,
The silence.
And without a moments thought I jump off
Embracing the murky depths
With open arms.
And I feel it embrace me as well
With a ice cold grip which crushes me
As I sink farther and farther
Until I am resting on the bottom
And I feel the love all around me
In all its cold, black, unending glory.


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