The Curse of the Seasons

Sun, 07/14/2013 - 01:45 -- JianTao

I recall that pulse of summer,

vivacious and lively when I first met you.

Fall sprang into worlds of color,

I learned the meaning of Love is Blue.


Through the winter, snow sparkled down.

We were tucked away in a rabbit hole.

Wonderland in ice and pain - 

During this time we lost control.


As the glisten melted, so did you.

Spring brought me no blossoms at all.

The taste of fresh summer air I hate

because it's you I recall.


And the world shifts into Autumn brown.

I loathe these harvest fevers...

My world is black and gray and white

I'm reminded how you left here.


But most of all I curse the winter.

Its frosty cackle stole you from me.

And the seasons continue in a tortured cycle,

so from this pain I'll never be free.


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