The Second Amendment


United States
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The destruction it leaves
the people who grieve
Is it worth it to have
a weapon that leaves people so sad?
We need them to hunt
we need them to survive
but some people just have them
for the feeling of pride.
We have the instinct to destroy
and though some use it as a toy
the gun is a weapon of death.
But if illegal it would be like meth.
Forbidden and used
Useful yet abused.
Citizens left unprotected
Killers armed and unsuspected
would leave more death and chaos.
So the riddance of guns would not save us.
People can kill with any tool
And murder can be caused by any fool.
So although the gun causes so much harm
the riddance of it would cause the nation
a far greater alarm.
Don't be insane
the loss of the right to bear arms
is not a gain.

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