A New heart

In the road walked a woman with a bleeding soul

her heart was dragged into a ditch 

her mind was stuck in a dark pit 

walking the long and lonesome roads

her eyes stared into the naked woods 

trying to find the peices of herself, if she could 

scars written on her melanin skin 

her long brown hair, so brittle and thin 

In her soul were marks and stains 

depression and pain became her name

Raging winds beating on her breast 

walking down the roads drenched in distress

One step further she looked to her right 

A glorious light came to sight 

her spirit began to rise 

hope and joy filled her skies 

freedom freedom, she began to sing 

It gave her a heart and a pair of wings 

Now go along and fly again 

For you are restored and peace is yours 

he touched her face, as the chain broke away 

freedom freedom she sang 

she carressed the sky with confidence 

Oh beautiful and happy day

Thank God you kept your promise


This poem is about: 
Our world


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