To My Special Mother!


Oh the Comfort

The peace

The joy

And the love

That flows

From you to me

Dear Mother

You give me attention

That delivers affection


And understanding to me

You held my tiny body

In your arms

Rocked me gently

To ward off distractions

You lifted me up

To God in prayer

Telling Almighty God

To keep, preserve and protect me

You smiled at my tottery steps

Still gave me your hands when I slipped

Now, as an adult you are still there

I run to you when the going gets tough

You hold my hands

 And tell me it is well

You pat my shoulders in love

You still pray and pray for me

You, Mother, made me aware of my divine inheritance

You directed me to the right path

Today my home is blessed,

Full of laughter and joy

Because you taught me well

You never held back on giving me that knowledge

Even when I frowned at vegetables

When I preferred sweets and chocolates

You gently taught me that

The best things in life aren’t always so

Sweet but their results are sweeter

World over you are my Heroine

My superstar

The Object of my love

How do I begin to pay you back?

For the much love you showered on me

The times you sacrificed your bliss

For me to be blessed

Thank you and much thanks

For teaching me all that I need to know

And still teaching my children today

Giving a chance to choose

I will go for you over and over again

I love you Mom!

Copyright, Agu Jaachynma N.E.



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