Growing up in a world where we see many different faces.

They come from all around the globe, all types of places.

But what's the difference between you and I?

I am a light shade of brown, but your parents think I am the bad guy.


We both live in the same neighborhood and go to the same school.

I even ask to hang out, you know, because you're cool.

However, it's always a no from your dad.

So I end up going home really sad.


I never realized why I was treated in such a way.

Never would be invited anywhere and was never asked to stay.

Sometimes I even got looks, were there rumors going around?

About the little colored girl, who lived on the whiter side of town.


I questioned my mom and asked her why.

She didn't answer, just closed her eyes and looked at the sky.

God created everyone equally so I thought.

Which is why I continued to sneak around, hoping not to get caught.


I went to a friend’s house just to hang.

But was questioned, even asked if I was in a gang.

Why would I be in something like that?

Oh, because my skin color is black.


Trying to stand up for my own was hard.

I made posters and lots of cards.

Only to be rejected by many of my peers.

At this rate, it will take many years.


I start to lose hope, they say it's all in my head.

Tears begin shedding, right before I go to bed.

My mom, very proud, walks in.

She said never stop, not until the end.


So as of today, I still fight.

I fight for all of us, for our rights.

I just wish one day, people would stop being so belligerent.

And realize, we are still the same, but different.




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Our world
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Well done love! Well done. :) 

"we are still the same, but different."



Thank you so much! :)

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