"The Beauty of Being Powerless"

Thu, 02/06/2014 - 17:48 -- wmuriu


With power, comes control.

With power, comes anger.

With power, comes lack of integrity.

With power comes slavery and oppression.

With power, we tend to forget the power in we

and not in me.

Power is there to empower.

Power is there to form unity,

not cause seperation.

With power, there should be love,

and not lack thereof.

In the world we live in,

the words equality, love, peace,

are not commonly symmetric to power.

So let's take away power.

Without power, there is equality.

Without power, there is love.

Without power, there is we,

not us and them.

Without power, there is freedom.

Without power and selfishness,

the world will be one step closer to being as one.


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