Training Wheels

Training wheels


"Hold on tight!”

“Don't go too fast!”

“You have your helmet on right? “

“Try to stay off the grass."
I hear your voice
Speeding behind me;
No matter my choice
Not heeding, you always guide me.
"Please take the training wheels off!

“I can do it all by myself."
Your voice always stern, yet soft.
“Don't you think you will need a little help?"
"No", I insist.
"I want to be free, that’s my ultimate wish.”

“You can let go of me".
Fancy Free...
Out in the world. 
Left to be "me"
No longer Daddy's little girl.
How I wished…
I would have held on tight
Not moved too fast
Admitted you were right
But my pride let me crash.
I can still hear your voice
Standing in front of me;
No matter how good or bad my choice
Thank you for loving me.



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My family
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