Rest: in Peace

If I were to die today, 

Would you, darling, be okay? 

The love I feel

For you is real

And does not need a breath to stay. 


If the heavens were to shake, 

The earth beneath my feet to quake,

You mustn't fear

For me, my dear;

The life I led was for your sake.


Would you, sweetheart, kiss me so,

The way that you and I would know?

Your lips on mine,

My breath is thine;

Bid me peace after I go.


You needn't fear to please my love, 

For yours is mine in heaven above.

My love will live,

Your life, my gift. 

The thought of you will be enough. 

This poem is about: 




that was too relateable


Thanks for taking the time to read it, Atlanta.Bloom!

Much love to you. 

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