A Reminder


United States
33° 15' 15.912" N, 111° 32' 5.6616" W

We awake to a hopeful sunrise.

We play, We laugh, We love, We live.

Always expecting bright and sunny days

only to be dissappointed by the alternating shift of mother nature.

Belabored by life; we dwell in weight. 

Obstacles slow us down 

But they can never put our souring souls to a stop.

We must believe in fate. 

For fate can be our Safe Haven.

And even though the storm clouds shut away the sun and drown the earth;

Even though we now see a dull world from the lack of good...

We must remember in time things somehow fix themselves.

The sky will shift from grey to blue

The  water will soon dry up

And the day will soon be lit up. 

The sun will set

and upon the light fading away will leave colors of Serenity. 

This is for our eyes to feast on.

This is a reminder that storms will pass. 




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