we are the cure

There is so much sadness in the world


What will it take to heal

When murder Senseless murder

Is committed every day     


Genocide Is in every corner Of this planet

Look around you



We ignore those who need us- (Unless there is something in it for us,

Or it’s the “right thing”

Instead of doing The Right Thing,)

-Aren’t we all human?

We all have beating hearts

In our chests


Why are we silent

When our hearts beat so loud?


We can heal

We can help

We can save


We are not trapped  in our lives,

Gender roles

And religious ties

Do not mean we are stagnant


We are humans


But the same

We all taste pain and cherish love

Just as we are instruments of war

We can be tools of peace.



Look around

The world is full of sadness

We are the only ones

Who can say



“Enough. “


Need to talk?

If you ever need help or support, we trust CrisisTextline.org for people dealing with depression. Text HOME to 741741