Music to my Ears: Dream Job


How I love to sing

It's how I use my voice

The way I get my words out

It brings me great joy


Music is my everything

It's there when life just isn't enough

When I have a bad day

its the one thing to lift my spirits up


When I feel my friends are not longer friends

When my parents tell me who to be

Music is the one thing that is there and says

"Everything will be alright-just listen to me"


When the melody needs a friend

The harmony is there

They work together and create something beautiful

It's what we all want to share


Music is my escape

It's like a sweet lullaby

Helps me drain the world out when I want some peace

And makes me smile when I want to cry 


When a boyfriend or friend lets me down one day

Music is always still here

This is why I envision

Being a singer as my dream career 



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