Human Repetitive Fallacies

Wed, 05/22/2013 - 17:40 -- hamsto


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Do you think the politics matter?
Do you think that whoever takes the big chair will determine if your family is fed tomorrow?
Do you think that if you amp yourself up on enough information that you will finally know how to put food in the mouths of the hungry?
how to prevent the drug user from getting their next fix?
how to stop men from raping innocent women and children in back alleys?
Do you think that in order to believe you must see?
Because in that case I believe people are liars
I believe that what makes me happy right now
will spill my blood into the gutters in the future
In that case I believe that we will never get it right
No matter what words are said
No matter who says them
People will still die
A raindrop splatters across a windshield
From what I see, people sing songs of change to large crowds
large crowds that empty their bank accounts
to deposit into the account of another
I see a green bill
A piece of paper so protected, so cared for
that people would die over it
Would that paper die for me?
would that paper risk its life everyday to bring me food when I am starving?
Would that paper see me in pain and give me a shoulder to cry on?
Would that paper give me a roof when it is raining?
No, but I would gladly take that paper to arrest a father trying to put food on the table for his two children
No, but I would gladly take that paper to give somebody food taken from a farmer unable to even purchase his own land to grow his food.
No, but I would gladly take that paper to put a bullet in the head of somebody's son.
A son without that paper
A son with a mother, now left alone to raise his two sisters
A family whose home had been taken from them
A family mutated, born deaf, blind, dead
Whose home had been the victim of chemical compounds capable of shattering rock
Chemical compounds formulated by scientists raising families.
Told to by people with a desire
A desire to be right
A desire to be respected
A desire to be acknowledged
A desire to be loved
But we'll sit here
wailing our songs of hate to those with the desire
Never learning
Constantly looking
but never listening.


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