Growth and Possibility


Growing. That's a scary thing to do.

We don't realize that every day we change, little nuances in the way we move or speak.

The way we cross the street. 

Some have been taught to grow in, stealing small words like the last french fries from a plate

that they don't think they deserve. 


I refuse to grow in. I will expand like a hot air balloon to rise, rise and captain myself.

To wherever I wish to roam. 

Falling is taken with grace and appreciation, responsibility and dedication.

Because if you don't focus on yourself, no one else does it for you.


I see my little changes, from the way I pronounce a strangers name

or how I learned to play a game

with those I've known forever

I expand upon myself, in hopes of building a towering individual 

who doesn't feel she cannot take what she wants

or work for it too. 



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