What Would You Change Scholarship Slam

The United States of America
The New World
An escape for a new life
A new beginning

What started with such hope has become a battle zone
People hate other for their religion or skin tone
What they have done or who they hang out with
But peace on Earth doesn't have to be a myth

We all need to learn put the past behind us
Keep your head up and move away from the violence
Walk in the shoes of another for a day
And realize that kindness will drive the anger away

Start the revolution for the kids of tomorrow
Teach them we can change the world, so that they know
Not to give up when obstacles get in their way
A new country, a fresh outlook, a better day

Help those people you see in need
Cold on the street, struggling to eat, teach a kid to read
Stop being selfish and you'll realize in time
What you get in return is the most sublime



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