A Painting of Change


I dabbed my brush into the endless ink.
It went on smooth, painted all money pink.
Pink for delight.
It transformed all greed and evil into giving and all things right.
I waved across the top, painted an ocean blue sky
filled with war planes dropping not bombs, but rainbows --
that the ground absorbed.
And spit out laughter and tickles and drove away storms.
A dip into water, a brush stroke so fine,
I painted over numbers on all clocks, numerals,
I amazingly erased time.
So I could love my mother endless and my grandmother too, 
Heck, let me paint life into cemeteries,
bring people back as good as new.
A simple touch here, A simple touch there, 
I painted giants and midgets and square people and stick people,
Painted red, blue, green, even purple people.
So no one would tease and bully and it would make life peaceful.
Threw out hundreds of trees filled with glossy red apples,
and bushes filled with baseball sized berries
and fields lined with infinite fruits and veggies, mmm cherries!
No child or adult will live without food,
We'll all have healthy tummies and be in jovial moods!
I would white out dark and fill life with light,
I would Paint over all wrong and replace it all with right.
Pour red into all black hearts, and paint a sun into all mischievious nights.
I had the power to paint,
a picture of change!


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