My American Dream


My American Dream

Mexican ways, American days, good ol’ Sundays

Homies dying, mothers crying, were neglecting their prays,

God and heaven is there, evil is here, I keep running in my old shoes, screaming trying to get near,

But I fear that nobody hears,

The closer I get, the harder it gets,

I take two steps forward, get pushed tree steps back and a slap on the neck,

Society neglects me, police disrespect me,

Homeboys check my cora, dam, everyone tests me,

I’m not from here I’m not from there, from nowhere, born in a maze

Of flashy clothes, jazzy women, Jordan shoes with bald fades

Drugs are all around me, kicking and dodging syringes and dope phines,

No food at the house and nobodies home, I’m 13 years old, my American dream,


Floating in an ocean of sin that’s potent, drowning in the tears of my jefitas emotions

Budweisers, fine women and candy paint lowriders,

In my hood 20 something year olds were considered old timers,

Im tired of going to school, not because I am a dumb or a fool,

 But I have to cross three neighborhoods and get shot at every time I try to get through,

Is clecha worth dying, preachers keep trying,

To spread the mans word, but it goes unheard

Where I am from, nobody made it, heavy ass chains, how can I break em,

I don’t fake it, I take it, no gun…I feel like I’m naked,

Cant dream about college and their knowledge, I can just pray and hope for tomorrow,

These beautiful and dammed streets keep taking more than I can let borrow,

Now I lay me down to sleep with one eye open,

The Lord my soul to keep I stay praying and hoping,

So if I die before I escape this messed up dream, Bless me Diosito and bless my American Dream



Just a little something something about my life and expirience, before leaving my neiborhood and finding my escape through education.


Just a little something something about my life and expirience, before finding my escape through education

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