War Never Changes


 WAR.... "War does not determine who is right... just... who is left."
War does not change.... War really never has a winner.....
As i would say....
Its not worth anything if you don't have to FIGHT for it....
So why do we have to have war? Have battles? One nation vs. another?
Why cant we just all get along here?
I mean we are ALL on the same planet... The same earth,
WE all drink the same water.... Well i mean we all drink water... Similar to another body of water.
WAR takes a lot of our loved ones... Or people we may know.
We are ALL human beings, it doesn't matter if your skin is a different color...
Maybe a different accent. Who cares?
What if we live in different places on this big planet of ours?
Well that my friend doesn't matter one bit... Want to know why?
BECAUSE there is only ONE thing that MATTERS
So why must we shed blood?
Why can't we just shed tears instead?
From the laughter we share, between you and I.
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My country
Our world
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