America the Home of the Free

Sat, 04/22/2017 - 11:41 -- jcvraa

America, the home of the free

Founding Fathers resisting a tyrannical power

Oh how we brought them to their knees

And now, here we are, at the end of our nation's hour

With the violence taking over the world

It makes you wonder where this nation will go

This world is less reality and more akin to a dreamworld

With bullets flying and the bomb's destructive glow

How did we get here, to this destructive pastime

Why do we enjoy the deaths of countless people so much

This poem is here to show our destructive ways though rhyme

Oh how the media makes us out so sweetly

When in reality we create so much grief and pain

Just for the prize of oil and riches from the poor

In the end how much will we truly gain

Watching those in pain makes us a truly disgusting voyeur

A new day rises, one where we no longer search for destruction

But a day where we, as Americans, seek to help the poor of the Earth

A day where we help the world with the worlds reconstruction

A day where we as humans live in peace and in rebirth

We create a world for not one, but all

That is my dream, a dream for everyone to be apart of

This will be a world where we don't need a wall

But a world where all a person needs is love

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My country
Our world
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