Thoughts of a Patriot

My Mind;

My only mind;

The one I hold dear;

So dear;

Without such;

My opinions would be non-existent;

My thoughts would be nothing;

Nothing for I;

Nothing for anyone;

Nothing at all;

That is why;

I think;

I listen;

I speak;

I learn;

I move;

I’m moved;

Will always move;

Till I become no more;

No more than dust;


Cold flesh;

Skin to bones;

Till I die;

I will think;

I will learn;

I will seek;

I will see;

See a light;

For hope;

To be a United Land of the Free;

United and Free

To see Liberty farther then the sun;

Farther Then the minds that can only comprehend so little;

For all;

All and all;

Let us be united again;


For eternity;

Stay Strong;

We the People


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression! 

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