i will give myself to the world

there's so much hate and pain 
pouring into our lungs 
as soon as we take our first breaths. 
it becomes ingrained in our bones, 
a pressure that builds on our shoulders 
so that we stoop in our final days.


that is why
i want to take
the good my mother
whispered to me as a child
and let it pour from my fingers
into rivers, waterfalls, and oceans.


i want to take the support
my father built for me
and make it into mountains
and roofs and caves
for the world's aching hearts.


i want to take the love
my friends have given me
in their own times of joy and pain
and craft it into a shield
of hope
against the cruelty of the world.


i want to take
the happiness my brothers and sisters
have blessed my aching soul with
and give it to the world.


our lives are stacked with
pains that every soul, yet no soul
could ever feel or know in the same ways.
brothers, sisters, kin,
and those of all alike,
take my hand
and i will change this world for you.


if i could change anything for you,
my sweet ones,
i would give my very bones to the crust
to make soil for you to stand on
and my breath to make stars for you
to light your way.


if i could change anything for you,
my brave little soldiers,
i would give your hearts the peace they deserve.
i would take the wounds from your backs
and take them upon myself.


that is why i promise you
i will not speak poisoned words
to anyone.
i will defend those with all my might,
i will hold the hands of the falling,
and i will love the ones who are hurting.
i promise to change this world for you
with all the love i can give.


i will plant flowers
in the cracks of our lives
and i will open the wings
of doves and love birds.
i promise to change this world for you
and for those to come.


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