Yes! She's a mother

She ran with tear filled eyes and a broken heart,

The rain and sorrows soaked her wet,

Her story is devastating! No idea where to start,

Her life is nothing but a river of regret,

She has a child in one hand and hope in the other,

She is a worried and helpless mother,

The place she has reached has no light or sign,

The poor child she is carrying isn’t fine!

With the fullest hopes, she prays for a miracle,

Her child’s pain makes her forget every struggle,

She buried her head deep into her hands,

She puts her trusts in His plans,

Suddenly a voice shouts from behind!

“She is alive. She has survived”

Her eyes sparkle upon the news,

Their shine is brighter than those worthless Jewels!



This poem is about: 
My family
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