I became a poet when I was born

I became an artist when I died

Putting ink to the paper

helped me feel what was inside


As a babe I saw everything around me

I'd lose sleep so as not to miss a thing

Interest sparked inside my soul

To see what each day would bring


As a child I had no friends

except the ones found in my head

We'd share adventures in my backyard

and read chapter-books in bed


Strange descriptions came to mind

whenever I looked at nature

Inspiration was everywhere

but I was too lazy to get the paper


As a pre-teen I found writing

was a skill that I possessed

It helped me cope with loneliness

and feel a friendly caress 


As a teenager I died

Things went way downhill

I almost lost so many times

the gift of life to my own thrills


Years of diagnosises

pills,perscriptions and crying

lost relationships and failures

I constantly gave up trying


Instead of pulling the trigger

taking the knife or rope for dying

I turned to my friend, my laptop

and told the stories I've been hiding


I felt better sharing what I felt

on paper for me and others to see

that way we all feel a connection

and they don't end up like me


Since then I've seen the light

and come to the side of peace

I've joined the ranks of heavenly hosts

Who went through hell to get to this place


I became a poet when I was born,

but battles, I lost some

But that helped me become an artist

when my Kingdom at last did come





This poem is about: 
Our world


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