order in the court!

the judge yelled out loud

as a loud uproar came from the crowd

the judge asked if peace could take the stand

the crowd proceeded with the questions

how do you think you could help?

who do you think you are?

what do you think you know?

who sent you?

peace replied,

i am you

a reflection of your deepest desires

i am truth

the truth that you’ve been hiding from the world

because you were too afraid to show the real you

your conscious mind does the thinking

but i am not summed up by logic

i am felt when you are still

i am heard when you are quiet

i’ve been sent here by all of you

which is who i am

you are tired of the chaos

and you want to live a peaceful life

but are too afraid to show the soft side of you

because in your conscious mind you play the victim

you asked me within your heart of hearts to come

and relieve you from the hurt, the pain, and abandonment

i am you

and the truth is in you


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