Son of El

Fri, 11/30/2012 - 02:42 -- tj51395


United States
40° 55' 48.9072" N, 96° 15' 31.8132" W

You sped past burning stars
And traveled light-years to get here.
Today, you inspire hope in mankind
All while fighting evil and fear.
The last of your kind,
Considered a god among men,
You soar higher than any before you
While hiding behind glasses with a pad and pen.
Instilling the values of truth and justice
Along with the American way,
You fight for the goodness of humans
Each and every day.
Many look up to you
And make you their hero,
Their faith instilled in you to protect them,
Along with pushing away their sorrow.
The Son of El lives on today
In hearts and souls of those that follow
His example throughout the world
In order to provide for a better tomorrow.


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