First Generation


United States
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I was surprised. I hadn't realized how far I'd come. How selfish I'd become in the process. Only thinking about myself. I was ugly. I was fat. There was a facade put up between me and them. That's the only way they would have been my friend. The pretty girl sitting near the corner of the class, texting her boyfriend who I just saw grabbing another girls behind. Wait, rewind. Maybe this might be my chance. Or maybe it isn't. I had the image in my head of myself. The day in which I'd finally come to terms with myself. Feeling like I don't need women or wealth because I'm already happy. The next goal was fame. I had heard tales of it ruining us and corrupting us, but the TV raised me. Ever since I was a baby, it caused me to be lazy. It might even be part of the reason why I'm crazy. It put a bad image in my head. To be happy, I'd have to be rich. Except these goals leave you dead. That's why I now focus on myself. To be the best me, that I can be. To be free. To be part of the first generation to break out of the cycle. WE.


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