Souls Intentions

Tue, 06/21/2022 - 04:31 -- Creator

Hungry swords on dying days

Running time in weaknesses find figures from ways

Myths made man bleed with war’s mortality 

Peace travels through Fortune’s winds. 


Souls make grim of one another in water and fire

Memories of finest leather in each chapter

Soldering empty meaning 

Quick series of spice, salt, and sugar.


Rooms for perfect fools through wild wise windows

Up the stairs twice the deal to buy for scales of spinning souls

Each fraction of sun and moon scratch flicking vials 

Piping pulse of hard-wired lungs and balls. 


Their souls sang sweet perfection of peace 

Each bridge falling or rising with long calls for reach 

Where peaks have no end and death meets an end

Infinite sensationalism of dazzling beauty of starry spotless limits. 





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