The Winds of Change

The winds of change have blown

They enveloped my restless heart

They gently whispered in my ears

"It's time for a brand new start."


Reluctantly, I tried to listen

But in my comfort zone, I stayed

The winds of change blew harder

Stripping all my comforts away


I would try to choose a different path

But the winds of change would speak

"This is not the way that you should walk

Or the life you truly seek


There's more to life than seeking riches

It's your purpose you long to find

Destiny knocks at your door

Its path is the riskiest kind!


You've got one life so make it count

Don't make a choice that you'll regret

You're tempted to settle for Plan B

But there's been a dream you can't forget."


And just like that---a revelation!

The root source of my sorrow

Dreams that need fulfillment today

Were told to wait until tomorrow


The weight of this was oppressive

In my shame, I hung my head

My tears carried messages about

Who I've yearned to be instead


The winds of change addressed each tear

In my pain, they told me this 

"Life is a journey where your role is unique

You must find and give away your gifts."


With newfound hope, I've made a vow

For my music to break the silence

To change the world one note at a time

And foster peace where there's violence


The winds have stilled and slowed their pace

Sometimes I'm filled with dismay

Somehow things fall into place

As if to help me along my way


In a world full of noise, I've learned it's hard to hear

But listen closely: The winds speak truth

This isn't a privilege to be earned

The winds that spoke to me, are speaking to you.



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