Dear Generation

Wed, 10/23/2013 - 16:07 -- debobpe


Earth! what a small word for a bulbous creation,
so much diversity, from cultures to races
from continent to countries, from places to nations
what a gift God gave us for ages and ages

But you know what? Its crazy what corruption we harbor,
this generation is breaking while we cater the problems
its blatant occasions, but the truth is so blinded
that we save them for later to find a crazier tomorrow.

The government went on a shut down, but in the land of the lawless,
who envy the rich man claiming to be living life flawless
prayed that it stayed shut down so they can taste what they swallow
get a piece of they lifestyle, living off dreams and Top Ramen.

So as I pray that the savior comes saves us from all this sorrow,
I pray when I compose I lift hopes so you can borrow
some rest for your soul, a vest and some armor,
cause everyday of our life is a war that we warring.




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