Cloud Zero


The sun was shining bright
The morning he was alive
The sun suddenly set
At the time the soldier died

The grass all around
Is crimson with blood
The child walks through
With a crooked smile

Cigar hangs from his lips
As he wanders around
Left no survivors
All were shot down

In the city
The little girl left her uncles house
She cried heavily
As she coughed up love and blood
From her mouth

Across town a mother drops her phone
She rushes to the night
Her son never came home

When she comes upon him
She holds him as he drips to pavement
Her cries penetrate the night
Somebody save him

As the police officer lies
He looks at the picture of his new wife
He quivers as he observes the scene
"The kid wasn't armed
What will happen to me?"

The little girl makes it home
Then she grabs the knife
She breaks into her uncles house
Then stabs him once, twice, thrice

The child soldier
gets back to his post
He's concerned
As the enemy comes close

The warrior who died
As the sun set
Looks on from above
As his family has wept
Then he floats away to the clouds
To see all those he met
On the wars summit

The same officer goes to jail
His wife cries
As the mother of the child he murdered
Grows cold hearted in life

The little girl is covered in blood
She runs all the way home
From her uncles neighborhood
Then burns her clothes in the stove

The tiny soldier flees
In the middle of night
Fearful of the armies might
He was then shot down by his own people
No longer a child but a man,
he was considered equal

The lives of these people
Range from 6 to 11 to 27
Welcome to the average life
Beneath the heavens.


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