Contagious Delirium

Once upon a time...

Goes those damned nursery rhymes.

That's not how this story goes,

It is not just literary prose.

So listen close and listen well

To the story I'm about to tell:


Once, an angel gave the devil a rose.

It was more beautiful than anyones knows.

The angel knew well of the devil's rage,

But derisively offered it to him anyway.

The innocence of the rose was abused

To satiate the angry angel's secret ruse.

It was so pretty, delicate, and full of light,

How could anyone despise its lovely sight?

But when the devil received this flower,

He thought it a militant test of his power.

So without any sense, in a blink of eye,

That precious treaty flower shriveled and died.

The devil reveled in unfathomable delight,

Thinking he spoiled the angel's devious plight.

But the angel was expectedly far from pleased,

He readied his fist with considerable ease.

And so the ageless fight had begun.

To this day still, no one has won.


The message of this story is laid out clearly,

Make sure you listen and hold on to it dearly:


The crime of hate is so easily forgiven

To those who seemingly lack ammunition.

But even those without weapons to fight

Can still go against what they know is right.

Love cannot ad will not win,

So long as anger lingers within.



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