Sweat The Technique

There's a battle for your mind but you say it's just fine
pulling a 9 to your head it's the walking dead
Not since the day of creation did we stand with ovation
A seed was drop from a farmers bag that was bad
Satan the god of this world is blinding good people
Peeps stay at home when they can be at the church steeple
Sex on the beach maybe your favorite drink
But I can't dismiss this earthly bliss in thought
Once a soul is sold it can't ever be bought
Drop some smooth lyrics out on the sunset scene
Living in a land that is so very mean
when I roll of you captures you better be ready
Girl you got a bun in the oven by your kissing cousin
Sweat the technique from your head to your feet
Bare with me son cause you can't do me none
Poetics to poetry we must see reality
search the hood just like Robin Hood
then there's the Maiden Mary Ann who has a plan
yet the battle ensues as you sing the blues
a lot of suckers like to forget me but they can't
start this cause I'm the artist
walk with your head up when I hear whacked rhymes it's a set up
All the brothers don't eat chicken & watermelon
so now what are you selling
let's get back to hip hop in what it meant to Scott Larock
keep your head up & look to the sky
Sweat the technique as you sit in your seat
Right from your head right down to your feet
Got to get in the zone busting out rhymes like Home Alone
we came this far not to turn back now
can't turn around when your hands on the plow
yet in the end I choose to be a soldier in the army of God
got to stay in school & obey the golden rule
only one life is soon to be passed only what's done for him will last
we got followers with no good leaders
blood in the streets & there needs to be better education
many take a break on a long awaited vacation
the crowd is ready & me feet is steady
until my last breath I must confess a rhyme that shines
sex, drugs & rap for some is where its at
so you slip & fall giving you a heart attack
rap & roll is noise pollution
take my magic wand as a sure fire solution

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