the quiet ones

keep your ears open

don't look too far

we're somewhere nearby

close enough you can hear us

if you'd listen 

stop talking, if only

you'd just stop


we listen 

it's all we ever do

we listen until your voice cracks

we listen until your face turns blue

because you've ran out of breath 

and your words have stop coming

so then

we speak

and our thoughts finally pour out

words flowing like a rushing river

about to break the dam

you've worked so hard to build around us 

to make sure

we don't say a thing

and when we do 

our words are powerful

our sentences knock the wind

out of your lungs

and our phrases are carefully chosen

not wasted

or misused

we speak and you better listen

for all the times you spoke

and we sat silently

now it's our turn 

but i'll give you this

this one truth

we don't like to argue

we'd rather watch and see

how things will turn out

so i'll give you this

without the noise

there can be no quiet

you can't have peace without chaos

so keep a balance

and listen

for us,

the quiet ones

This poem is about: 
Our world


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